Across Token Launch Proposal v2

Overall i am a big fan of this proposal i just have one question:

So are we then attributing the ID or reputation system to a wallet and not to an NFT that across users would hold ? I was under the impression that across users would be issued an NFT that could then be staked or used to interact with the optimistic rewarder.
I am extremely interested in this system from the aspect of gamifying not just protocol interaction but possibly for social campaigns and governance as well. Maybe uma token holders that vote get bonus stats. I think there’s so much you could do here to make this fun, interactive, and rewarding. If you can accomplish those three things you will definitely see high participation imo.


Tend to agree as group 3. profits disproportionately. One has to bear in mind that group 3. is selected from amongst group 2., so is a lot smaller anyway and receives on top of what they receive as members of group 2… Perhaps better take away 10% from 3. and redistribute 5% each to 1. and 2… 10% amongst a rather small group is still a “healthy” reward.

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I cannot judge the argument made here myself, but sounds as if it is something to look into whether it has merit.

I couldn’t agree more. Maybe, we can use some portion of below 30% exclusive for Arbitrum Odyssey.

  • 20%: Tokens will be reserved as an additional bonus for significant early contributors to the Across community which may include DAO contributors, Senior DAO contributors and the Developer Support Team. After token launch, the community will have the opportunity to submit proposals as to how this should be allocated and $ACX holders will vote via snapshot.
  • 10%: Early Across protocol users who bridged assets before March 11, 2022. These tokens will be allocated to wallets pro-rata by the volume of transfer completed. The numbers will be adjusted to filter out small transfers that are likely from airdrop farmers.

Agreed, airdrop is about bringing awareness and reward loyal members, we need just to keep hunters out but member with small budgets should be still in the game

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Your comment sounds like after airdrop Across protocol is dead. It is not going to happen. They will Airdrop only 10%. Across will hold 70% for future developments. They already discussed their plans with 70%. You never know there can be second airdrop. They are keeping 20 millions (20% of 100 millions) $ACX for future programs and $ACX holders will vote on how to distribute these tokens.

I didn’t say that Across will be dead after the airdrop. I said that every airdrop has an initial hype and we should plan our $ACX accordingly

in v2 we see that the partner allocation dappback is canceled. why?
these people who finished the dappback task and got the NFT they help spread the across project. more people get to know across through dappback although we can’t calculate the accurate number.and they write feedback ,give comments ,share across through twitter. don’t you think it is worthwhile?


我觉得应该分配 dappback 参与者


My addition is, there should be some criteria to filter out Co-founder that is not relevant anymore, can be from texts count or something like that (For example: Lyra did that).

It’s because the purpose of this token is for governance, member who doesn’t care about the project should not get the tokens or too much rights to vote.

And what about the roles like Translatooors, Buildooors ETC.?
Me, myself (A translatooor) already translated Across’s doc and gained knowledge about how Across works.

What I gonna say is these groups of people (Who already did the works) know Across better than 90% of members and will be your die-hard fans, which mean that, when there is something to DAO or vote for, these members will know which direction should Across go.


Could you include liquidity providers who pooled UMA in the airdrop as well?

I don’t find it fair that they’re being excluded, is there a good reason for it?

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This looks great.
Any thought to including 5% airdrop to users of competing protocols, such as HOP? (If there was discussion, sorry that I missed it)
2022 feels like it’s shaping up to be the most competitive year yet for L2 protocols; some outreach to other communities might be strategic and helpful.

totally agree, with Mr.Kevinswap

Uh, a vampire attack. Dirrty (but nice) idea :smiley:

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This proposal is very detailed and does not abandon everyone who contributes to the community. There is no so-called “core team” or “developers” to make this decision for the community. We are community members and everyone is a contributor. If the community wants something - each contributor should do something to make it happen. In other words, community is everyone’s responsibility, and if we fail as a community, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Hello team,i am a student with little capital and i only have little capital in my wallet,I transfered 0.1eth from LI to L2. the gas is not very low… Personally think. 0.1eth is already big amount for me. and i am not a airdrop farmer… i am wondering if the bridged assets could change to 0.1eth? that is fair. After all. we did it.
and we also care about the onging- status of the project after that, why should we be flitered?
That would be very very sad.

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this is great. im excited to see this all come together

Dappback makes users more aware of Across, and also allows Across to be recognized by more people. I recommend giving rewards.

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In general, this proposal is very good, if the weight of large funds is balanced, it may better serve the community.

Overall I agree with this proposal👍