Supporting Lisk L2 Chain on Across Bridge

Point of Contact

Yunus Tasliel - Lisk, Head of Business Development
Alexis Low - Lisk, Asia Business Development Lead

Proposal Details

Proposal Overview

The Lisk core team proposes the integration of Across to Lisk. The focus is establishing an efficient Across <> Lisk bridge adapter to ensure seamless interoperability to the network.

In collaboration with the Across core team, the Lisk team has been working to ensure the new chain requirements and technical feasibility (more below in the implementation section) regarding the integration. No technical hurdles prevent a successful deployment outside of the standard auditing processes.

At deployment, we propose the following route[s] be enabled at deployment time:

Token[s]: LSK, ETH, USDC, USDT

Route: Supported Chains <> Lisk

Proposal Motivation & Benefits

This integration will provide several benefits for both Across and Lisk.

Key Benefits for the Lisk Ecosystem:

  • Smoother and faster bridging experience
  • Minimized fees on cross-chain swaps for Lisk users
  • More secure bridging leveraging Across’ intents-based architecture

Key Benefits for Across:

  • First-mover advantage for Lisk routes
  • Capture growing volumes in the promising Lisk ecosystem
  • Extend its reach and access Lisk users in emerging markets


About Lisk

Founded in 2016 as a Layer 1 blockchain, Lisk was one of the pioneering projects to advocate for horizontal blockchain scaling.

Lisk has recently made a significant shift to become an Ethereum Layer 2 platform, utilizing the OP Stack and Gelato’s Rollup-as-a-Service to connect with the Optimism Superchain. The testnet was rolled out in the first quarter of 2024, with plans for the developer mainnet and public mainnet to be deployed in the second and third quarters of 2024, respectively.

The overarching goal of Lisk is to offer Web3 builders an appealing ecosystem to realize their products focused on real-world use cases in emerging markets. In anticipation of the launch, Lisk has strengthened its ties within emerging markets by securing government contracts and forging strategic partnerships with reputable organizations. These partnerships aim to provide foundational developer platforms, mentorship, and initial funding grants to support Web3 startups. Numerous exciting product integrations are also expected over the next 12 months.



The following key dates are targeted for this deployment.

Topic Dates
Forum Post 6 May 2024
Governance Vote 13 May 2024
Target Deployment June 2024

Technical Implementation

If approved, the technical implementation of this proposal will be led by core team members of Across, who will oversee the launch on Lisk. The Lisk engineering team will provide dedicated engineering resources available to actively support and collaborate with the Across team on engineering, technical discussions and reviews. This collaboration aims to align both teams on the technical nuances and ensure a smooth, efficient implementation process.

New Chain Requirements

Per the New Chain Requirements found in the Across Documentation, Lisk meets the following requirements:

Criteria Description Status
EVM Chain & Bridges EVM chain with a canonical token and message bridge to mainnet :white_check_mark:
RPC Node Providers ≥ 2 independent RPC node providers :white_check_mark:
Support Channel Dedicated support channel with technical members and priority support for contract development and debug :white_check_mark:
Token Grant for Across DAO Bonus: Token grant for Across DAO to distribute to users for transfers to new chain :white_check_mark:

Security Considerations

  • As part of the Superchain, Lisk is a “canonical” OP stack implementation which does not require smart contract development as Across’ existing OP contracts can be reused
  • This maximizes security while minimizing surface area for human error and potential vulnerabilities.
  • Also important to note is that Lisk is an official member of the Superchain and works closely with the Optimism Governance Council.


Lisk Website

Lisk Testnet Block Explorer

Lisk Docs

Lisk Blog

Next steps

The proposal will be in the Request for Comment (RFC) phase for at least 7 days. After receiving feedback and if the community agrees, a governance vote (on snapshot) will commence to assess the DAO’s desire to deploy on Lisk. If the vote passes, the core team[s] will collaborate to deploy on the target chain. There will be transparent communication throughout this process!


I’m very support of this proposal.

Across has a clear opportunity to be the “default / day 1” fast bridge to all L2s, especially OP stack chains, and supporting Lisk would be a clear win in achieving this goal. The Risk Labs team (building Across) is working tirelessly to automate it’s new chain deployment process, which we will plan to use in supporting Lisk (and many other chains in the backlog / governance process).

Moreover, the growth of real-world use cases in the industry as a whole sets up Lisk for exciting success as they launch as an L2, and it would be beneficial for Across to support and share in that success.

Supporting a new chain like Lisk also doesn’t carry some of the same concerns as other chains, as Lisk is a “canonical” OP stack implementation, Across can re-use it’s contracts for Optimism/Base and avoid new contract/audit work.

All of these factors make it clear that supporting Lisk is a win for Across.

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Similar to @Ryan_UMA, I think this proposal makes sense.

Lisk will require no new contract work, and OP Stack chains are the most well support framework in Across today. As an added advantage, adding Lisk will help “grease the wheels” to make it faster and easier for Across to onboard new, promising ecosystems like Lisk.

Across’s mission is to help get users where they want to go as quickly, seamlessly, and cheaply as possible. Users want to explore the Lisk ecosystem, so Across should make that journey as smooth as possible.

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I would like to express my support for the proposal to integrate Lisk L2 chain onto the Across bridge. This integration aligns well with Across’ mission to enable seamless cross-chain interoperability and provide users with a smooth and efficient bridging experience.

The proposal highlights several key benefits for both the Lisk ecosystem and Across:

For Lisk:

Smoother and faster bridging experience
Minimized fees on cross-chain swaps for Lisk users
More secure bridging leveraging Across’ intents-based architecture
For Across:

First-mover advantage for Lisk routes
Capture growing volumes in the promising Lisk ecosystem
Extend its reach and access Lisk users in emerging markets
The technical implementation plan outlined in the proposal also seems well-considered, with the Lisk engineering team committed to collaborating closely with Across to ensure a smooth integration process.

From a security standpoint, the fact that Lisk is an official member of the Optimism Superchain and works closely with the Optimism Governance Council is reassuring and should help minimize potential vulnerabilities.

Overall, I believe this proposal presents a compelling opportunity for Across to expand its ecosystem and provide value to the Lisk community. I would encourage the Across DAO to carefully consider this proposal and vote in favor of its implementation.

Note: I use ForumHelper for help me analyze this proposal

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Incredibly exciting to be able to launch as a day one bridge partner for an upcoming chain, especially one with the reputation of Lisk! I think this is a great opportunity for Across and would love to see this deployment become a successful initiative.

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