Across protocol organigrama

Days ago, I uploaded a proposal over discord about the governance of the DAO. Here is it so everyone can read it.

Mission and organization chart of the DAO

There are different types of DAO, some for altruistic purposes, others for educational, development and / or training purposes and of course, investment

A DAO by definition does not have a single head. You don’t have a single government or management team deciding what to do. Instead, its members and the wider community agree on a set of fundamental principles that include defining a goal and precise rules on how to cooperate to achieve it. Therefore, unlike governments or companies that are hierarchical, DAOs are networks of stakeholders that cooperate around common aspirations.

Organizational advantages:

Open: Anyone can come, contribute according to the rules and may or may not be rewarded.

Common Interest: Stakeholders are aligned through incentives and network design.

Trustless: The trust required for members to cooperate through trustless tools is minimized

Scalable: low marginal cost for each additional member

Transparent: all rules, technology and mechanisms are available for public scrutiny.

What to expect when launching a DAO?

It takes commitment, intellectual honesty and, most importantly, patience. Coordinating people on the Internet is a difficult and chaotic process. When done right and key missions done, it can pay off.

Main tasks of an active member of a DAO

Sell ​​/ convince: raise funds and convince others to contribute to the project.

Operations - Make sure everything works at the same time. Schedule DAO meetings, prepare meeting agendas, write meeting notes, and implement processes.

Delegation - After a certain point, most of the work is distributed within the DAO. This means understanding how to extend and define work items, how to allocate them, how to vet contributors, and manage results.

What is really useful but not absolutely necessary to launch a DAO?

Fundraising experience

Experience in leadership roles

Community building experience

A good network / reputation in the relevant community

What would the launch of ACROSS DAO look like?

:books: Brainstorming

An idea for a DAO comes up.

Write all ideas, thoughts, concerns, and questions about DAO in a document as a brainstorming exercise. Share this process with others. Do not delay more than a week.

Discuss and select the best ideas to later write into a document that explores the mission and vision of the DAO, how to imagine the governance decisions it would make, the assets it would manage and also an initial mission for the DAO to achieve as its first milestone along with the resources needed to do so.


Share the DAO idea with 5-10 people for feedback. Maximum one week

Summarize all comments in one document for review.

Those who say it’s a good idea, get involved and promise resources. This will give an idea of ​​what people think; improve, change, and iterate as needed.

In a telegram chat group ask all supporters of the project if they want to join it. This will become a community chat where communication will be maintained, and ideas will be shared for comments and interaction with people interested in getting involved.

:sunny: Public statement

Communicate by blog post and share it publicly.

Send everyone interested in the project to the community DISCORD chat. It will have to be a different one than ACROSS PROTOCOL DAO This will be the base of operations, welcoming people, answering questions and building a community!

Raise funds, find resources and contributors necessary for the DAO to reach its first milestone. Don’t waste more time than is necessary to get the project started.


The mission is the development of an autonomous decentralized organization for investment performance (for profit DAO) in decentralized finance protocols, through the study, knowledge, assessment and vote of its members.

Along these lines, the ACROSS PROTOCOL DAO investment group team is working to define the governance of the DAO.

Among other actions, it is necessary to delineate the areas of action of the community and determine the guiding roles for the management of these functions. Subsequently, as the project unfolds, many other open team roles will be introduced to the ACROSS PROTOCOL DAO Investment Group community, allowing you to learn and make your own contribution.

Functions (general indications):

Governance and operations

Management of the off-chain and on-chain governance of the protocol, identification and management of governance tools, relations with the ACROSS PROTOCOL DAO investment group, management of community channels.

Main role:

Orientation about governance methods, core team representative, governance / operations team coordination

Team roles: Management of governance tools, management of community channels and tools, counterparts for the governance of community channels


Control of the financial flows of the DAO, responsibility for the management of a balanced treasury, accounting management, risk management, management of the financial balance of the treasury (multi-currency / multi token / token governance)

Main role: Responsible for accounting and cash flows, team coordination.

Investment analysis

Other functions: management control, help in accounting management, flow analysis


DAO protection, verification of the correctness of on-chain and off-chain operations, study of legislation related to crypto and DAO, member advocates and internal dispute resolution system

Main role: Representative (if necessary) of the DAO legal team both inside and outside the blockchain, choice of legal topics to study and develop, team coordination, advise community on regulatory implications

Other roles: study and research of the topics proposed by the team, legal advice to the community, develop and maintain internal dispute resolution system/policy

Community members

Identification and updating of onboarding policies for new members (compatible with governance guidelines), hospitality, community organization, community relations, member well-being

Leadership function: leadership function of the community of members, study of the best policies for incorporation and management of the community, how to organize community channels, team coordination, recruitment of new members

Other roles: channel moderators, DAO event organization, member support, welcoming new members

Genesis group leader (rotating)

Management of relationships with members of the genesis group, identification of reception policies, organization of events

Leadership role: study of community initiatives, team coordination

Marketing / communication (scalability)

Creation of marketing campaigns and internal and external communications to the DAO, management of social channels

Educational content

Main role: Definition of the lines for internal and external DAO campaigns, relations with the leading team of creators and with the leading team of premium members, team coordination.

Other roles: campaign management, DAO social channel management

Creator management

Realization of the original contents of the DAO

Main role: Guidelines for creators (writers and content creators), marketing relationships.

Other roles: supporting creators (writers)

  • From a point to determine the roles will be compensated.

For example, all of these roles are critical to growing DAO. We are a heterogeneous group that, by making outreach campaigns, articles on strategies, voting methods, videos, etc., create interest in what we do.

Tools for DAO participation and management

Gnosis Safe - Multisig wallets to manage common accounts.

Snapshot - (alternative to Aragon) Off-chain voting system.

Discourse - Forum for discussion of governance proposals.

CollabLand - Bots that only allow you to access the chat if you have x number of tokens.

Coordinape - System to reward those who contribute to the DAO

Parcel - Payments and treasury.

SourceCred - Algorithm that qualifies contributions from members.

Boardroom - Voting Binner for Token Holders

Sybil - System to follow voting delegations and prevent Sybill attacks.

BrighID- Proof of Humanity

How DAOs should approach treasury management

Link to the document