Applying for a leadership role in Across Protocol

Which platforms do you utilize in the DAO space? What can we call you in those spaces?

  • Utilize many platforms ranging from snapshot, DEXs, Bridges, AMMs, DEFI protocols, NFT marketplaces and quest protocols. you can call me a contributor.

What compels you to dive into DAO leadership? What areas of interest and expertise have led you here?

  • DAOs are a great idea but when it comes to working there needs to be a specific leader taking responsibilites for the day to day workings and decision making, which wouldnt be possible by the entire community, being able to respond and process the information better to certain situations(ex; when theres a problem in the community such as a hack, a leader would be able to asses the situation and inform the members and take the next steps on what would be best for the community).

Defi and Web3 in general have led me to here, starting from uniswap airdrop, which led me to badger kpi options and finding out more about kpi options, being a superUMAn and here to Across.

What kind of a commitment are you willing to make to a leadership position? What would you hope for in return?

  • I am willing to commit an entire working day for the leadership position, technically im always on discord and if not on twitter finding some new protocol that could be integrated and drive in volume or liquidity to Across.

I’m hoping to get compensation for my work, either in terms of USDC or preferrably $ACX.

Are there any accomplishments in this space that you’re particularly proud of, such as a proposal that you authored? If so, please share details and links below.

  • Have created proposals for Across and FRAX
    Brought in good awareness and volume using quest platform Layer3
    Tracked and Contacted whales to bridge using Across

What other protocols/DAOs are you active in?

  • UMA, Socket, Aptos, FTM, Arbitrum

What would you like to see the Across DAO accomplish in the next 3 months?

  • Across is the best bridge out there, the next cycle will be a L2 cycle and in the coming 3 months I plan to drive liquidity and volume to Across by conducting frequent AMAs with other L2s and encourage more international community members to spread the word about Across, as one thignh i noticed this cycle was the spanish and chinese community really spread the word about Binance chain, Matic and FTM. And moreover make high quality educational videos for the participants of the next cycle to make it easier for them to understand the benefits and use Across.