Across Community Essentials Committee April 2024 Report

Across Community Essentials Committee April 2024 Report

Committee members: Mide, mydefi, PVM, TheRealTuna,Infinity

Event manager: Infinity

Front Desk: Smarty


This monthly report covers Across DAO activities and focus areas for April 2024.


The CEC Renewal Proposal successfully passed

Treasury Management

  • Bridged new budget from Ethereum to Optimism via Across.
  • Setup Llama pay for the period and conducted Gnosis Safe maintenance to change wallet ownership. Neondaemon departed. Infinity Promoted.
  • Paid out retroactive bonuses for previous quarter.
  • Funded Infinity Events budget tipping wallet.
  • Reimbursal of monthly expenses for Notion page.
  • Ongoing discussions on good use of Surplus and Integration budget which can potentially be returned to the DAO.


We acknowledge the delay in implementing Wonderverse, which is attributed to the recent transition in community managers. We are working diligently to ensure we get back on track. Benni, the new community manager, has been briefed on the importance of Wonderverse’s gamified onboarding, and efforts are underway to roll it out soon

Contests / Games

Events went according to plan. The usual participation, and some users who are old on Discord, are also joining frequently, reaching more than 20 participants on several occasions.

Football games: This has helped increase participation in the DAO even over the weekends.


  • Gartic: 4
  • Poker: 2
  • Quiz: 2
  • Crossword: 1
  • Word search: 1
  • Futbol contests: 5
  • Random games: 1
  • Airdrops: 5

Social Media

The committee is managing the INTERN account for the across twitter alongside other passionate individuals, creating engaging memes,and post ideas

CEC produced some posts on medium

Across The Cryptoverse — Canonical Asset Bridging And Truts Reviews

Across The Cryptoverse — The Big $ACX Clawback And The Love Party

Across The Cryptoverse #44 - Fantasy Football, Intents And New Chains

Across The Cryptoverse #45 - Egg Hunt, Linea And Polygon zkEVM

Shared on more than 10 web3 dapps for over 40k subscribers

Discord Moderation:

Smarty with the help of the CEC are actively removing scammers/bots Unfortunately this continues to be a daily activity.


Feedback channel was opened to get feedback and improvement ideas directly from the community and users. A first cut was made, with a first document prepared collecting more than 5 feedbacks and they were presented to the team through Benny. Users were given a response directly in the feedback channel. We think it was a good first impression and we want all users to join this channel to make Across better for everyone.

The committee has been assisting over on the technical team providing support to other relayers and aspiring relayers in the relayers channel, he also provides support in support tickets and the developer channel

Snapshot strategies
Britt launched a task to create the Across strategies in snapshot that are still missing and be able to obtain voting power wherever an ACX exists.

More details here: ⁠

We took the task of organizing a chat group with those users who were willing to accept the challenge. Currently Excluded The following “flavors” of ACX are NOT currently captured in our set of Snapshot strategies:

  • ACX pooled on Uniswap (LP token)
  • ACX pooled on Balancer (LP token)
  • ACX pooled on Velodrome (LP token on OP)
  • Staked 50wstETH-50ACX
  • Unclaimed ACX rewards earned on staked USDT, 50wstETH-50ACX
  • Unclaimed referral rewards

Of these excluded strategies, we managed to do these (These strategies still have to be approved by someone on the team):

  • Staked 50wstETH-50ACX in Across
  • Staked 50wstETH-50ACX in Balancer
  • Unclaimed ACX rewards earned on staked USDT, 50wstETH-50ACX

This included hard teamwork, since a lot of information and even programming were needed.

Currently waiting for feedback from the team to be able to verify that the work done is correct and to be able to continue.

The committee assisted Pooltogether team in adding funding to the Risk Labs relayer and to the Across POOL LP to increase POOL token bridge liquidity. Communicated between Across development team and Pooltogether community. If Pooltogether’s new launch is successful, then Across will be a big player in moving POOL cross chain. There will be a POOL staking pool on each chain where Pooltogether is live and they have 5 new chains to be added on top of the current lineup of Optimism, BASE, Arbitrum, and Ethereum. Pooltogether is a prize saving account where you can forgo your interest without risking your principal and the interest is awarded as prizes.