Across Community Essentials Committee March 2024 Report

Committee members: Mide, mydefi, neondaemon, PVM, TheRealTuna
Event manager: Infinity
Front Desk: Smarty


This report covers key activities and updates from the Across DAO during March 2024.

Community Updates

  • Preparation for CEC Renewal. The CEC has decided to ask for a 6-month session this time, as renewing every 3 months involves quite a lot of work.
  • Community member Ishan (PennyPanda), with the help of Neondaemon, proposed to build an AI assistant (Ross) for the Across Discord. The proposal was passed, and development has started.
  • Across community members have been testing a new app, Realms, which can be used for quizzes and community voting. It has been included as an objective in the CEC renewal proposal.
  • The CEC weekly meeting time has been adjusted to Tuesdays at 2:30 pm UTC to account for Daylight Saving time changes.
  • Moderation and removing spam/spam accounts continue to be a daily activity.

Treasury Management

  • Discussions on having an Across Treasury Committee are still underway

Social Media

  • Content Amplification: Active sharing and promotion of tweets are ongoing, including contributions from the SuperUMAn account.
  • Mide is organizing the creation of the Across Intern X account, which will have a more informal and fun tone compared to the official account.


Hello @LineaBuild :clap: Just moved some $ETH from @base in 4 sec! This is why @AcrossProtocol is amazing! :medal_sports:

Across The #Cryptoverse #42 - The Big $ACX Clawback And The Love Party :tada: :heart:

The @AcrossProtocol Easter Egg Hunt was spread across three days! We dropped over 50 eggs in random Discord channels and at random times! Top egg hunters were rewarded with $ACX :egg: :moneybag:

March came with rejuvenation and positivity! :blossom: #UMfluencers embraced the good vibes and wrote amazing threads about
@AcrossProtocol V3 and hot topics like c@UMAprotocol’s #Oval and #oSnap :egg: :ballot_box:
(Across The Cryptoverse #42 — The Big $ACX Clawback And The Love Party | by PVMihalache | The Crypto Kiosk | Apr, 2024 | Medium)

Contests / Games

Here is a list of activities from March:

  • Gartic: 4
  • Poker: 2
  • Quiz: 2
  • Crossword: 1
  • Wordsearch: 1
  • Football contests: 5
  • Random games: 2
  • Airdrops: 5


PVM published several insightful articles: