Across Community Essentials Committee February 2024 Report

Committee members: Mide, mydefi, neondaemon, PVM, TheRealTuna
Event manager: Infinity
Front Desk: Smarty


This report covers key activities and updates from the Across DAO during February 2024.

Community Management

  • Moderation: Ongoing efforts continue to address spam and spam accounts.

  • Member Roles & Responsibilities: Each CEC member documented their roles and responsibilities to aid future member transitions.

  • Across DAO Handbook: The Across DAO Handbook was uploaded to the forum as a Request for Comment.

  • Onboarding Improvements: The Wonderverse bot received approval to be integrated into the Discord for enhancing the onboarding process. Implementation is forthcoming.

  • Community Engagement: Two successful Discord parties were held – a Valentine’s Day celebration and a v3 launch party – featuring various interactive games and events.

Treasury Management

  • The transactions worksheet was updated on Notion.

  • CEC members were reimbursed for executing transactions.

  • Discussions continued around forming an Across Treasury Committee for the next quarter.

Social Media / Marketing

  • Content Amplification: Active sharing and promotion of tweets are ongoing, including contributions from the SuperUMAn account.

  • Reply-Guy Strategy: Mide is leading the development of a social media “reply-guy” strategy is underway to enhance engagement, particularly on ex-Twitter.

  • Promoted Across subscription on the Coinbase wallet


  • Two major Discord parties were held for Valentine’s Day and the v3 launch celebration.

  • For Valentine’s Day: baking competition, haiku competition, football/soccer games, and “The Price is Right”.

  • For v3 launch: wheel game, “The Price is Right”, and “Hack the Wallet” event.

A full list of contests and games held in February is provided below:

  • Gartic: 1
  • Poker: 2
  • Quiz: 1
  • Crossword: 1
  • Random Games: 2
  • Airdrops: 4
  • Spin the Wheel: 6
  • Hack the Wallet: 1
  • Football/Soccer Games: 3


PVM published 3 insightful articles:


Was an eventful month! Both parties were smooth and V3 shaked the Cryptoverse and its only the beginning :muscle:

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It was an intense and quite entertaining month. As PVM says, this is just the beginning. Perfecting all activities and adapting to the circumstances at all times

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I think that these events encourage the across community, so we all learn, we know more about new decentralized technologies, and the universe of cryptocurrencies expands.

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well organized, thank you to the CEC team for the events … looking forward for more events for the upcoming months

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It was an exciting and eventful month, enjoyed every bit of all the events, the vibes and the V3 launch party

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It was a fun filled month packed with goodies. Best community ever. I’m glad to see so much progress form the team and contributions from community members.

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Super parties from PV and Infinity :infinity: I love the V3 updates as well! Well done committee for the hard work!