Across Community Essentials Committee Renewal Proposal for Q2-Q3 2024

Title: Across Community Essentials Committee Renewal Proposal for Q2-Q3 2024
Authors: Mide, MyDefi, neondaemon, PVM, TheRealTuna, Infinity
Status: Proposal

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The Community Essentials Committee (CEC) seeks renewal for the Q2 2024 quarter. The CEC has focused on growing and engaging the Across DAO community through initiatives such as onboarding, events, social media campaigns, and partnership integrations. Building on the foundation established in the previous quarters, the CEC aims to make significant strides in expanding the Across DAO’s community presence and engagement.


The CEC achieved notable accomplishments in Q1 2024, further reinforcing the value of a dedicated committee focused on community building efforts. By continuing its operations, the CEC can capitalize on the momentum gained and drive even greater growth and engagement within the Across DAO community.

CEC Member Changes:

  • Neondaemon is stepping down as a CEC member.

  • Infinity has been promoted by the CEC committee. He will bring his events management duties with him.

  • TheRealTuna, subject to its formation, will be moving to the Across Treasury Committee (ATC). He will continue to be responsible for transactions and payments.

Term Changes

In line with the proposed Across Treasury Committee term limits will increase from 3 months to 6 months. The previous two quarters have gone by quickly and it takes a great deal of time to prepare proposals. Setting out plans and goals over a 6 month time frame will allow the committee to be more productive and achieve more.

N/B If voters have good reasons to oppose this move to 6 months then we will amend the proposals and goals accordingly.

Achievements in Q1 2024

  • Wonderverse, the gamified onboarding system has been approved. It will be implemented in the next quarter which will enhance the onboarding experience for new community members.

  • Managed the Across Integrations Bounty program: 2 successful listings with DackieSwap and SpaceFi.

  • Organized engaging community events, including Discord parties for Valentine’s Day and the v3 launch celebration, featuring interactive games and activities. Other activities included; Gartic, Decorations, Poker, Quizzes, Crosswords, Hack the wallet, Wordsearches, Futbol contests, Random games and Airdrops

  • Continued moderation efforts to maintain a safe and welcoming environment on Discord.

  • The adding of ACX on Optimism to has meant that those awarded with opACX could cost-effectively withdraw their ACX from Discord

  • Amplified social media presence through content creation, strategic engagement, and the “reply-guy” strategy on Twitter.

  • PVM was prolific as ever with his articles and Twitter engagement (Check monthly reports above).

  • Development of the Across DAO Handbook, providing a comprehensive policy guide for the DAO.

  • Helped to spec and write a proposal to build Ross an AI chatbot specifically for Across’ community members and devs.

  • Assisting in the formation of the Across Treasury Committee.


V3 Party

Valentine’s Day Party

Community Integrations Campaign

Goals for Q2-Q3 2024:

  • Enhance Discord activity and engagement through innovative events, contests, and gamification initiatives.

  • CEC led community call held bi-monthly. It will be partly educational and partly entertainment.

  • Broaden social media outreach by exploring new platforms and implementing targeted marketing campaigns. We will create an Across Intern Twitter account which will serve as a friendly and engaging online presence for Across. It focuses on showcasing the more fun and relatable aspects of the Across community and ecosystem. The intern account aims to promote Across twitter and the power of community by actively engaging with followers, sharing user-generated content, and fostering a sense of connection and belonging among its audience. We will get a Twitter Blue verification for increased functionality and security reasons.

  • Refine and publish the Across DAO Handbook, establishing a robust governance framework.
    To be incorporated in the Welcome section of the forum with the Across Governance Operating Manual.

  • Collaborate with the Across Treasury Committee to ensure efficient and transparent treasury management.

  • Implement Wonderverse and explore new avenues for community education and onboarding, fostering a more informed and engaged user base.

  • Create video content that will be used on social media platforms. The video editor will be responsible for creating short, informative videos to enhance our YouTube page, as well as sharing witty snippets from bi-weekly calls and other available Across-related content. These videos will aim to attract more attention to our official pages. The editor will produce one video per week, with each video being concise and informative.

  • Help train Ross, Across’ AI chatbot. CEC and RL members will have a higher reputation than normal users and therefore our replies will have a higher weight than normal members.

  • Integrate Realms a voting and quiz Discord bot. Initially this will be used to set quizzes and fun votes. We will then experiment with it and allow invited community members to vote on UMA disputes. Voters will receive Realm Coins dependent on their contribution and voting success and thus build their reputation . Later when we are ready to vote using the UMA in our treasury it can be used to decide how to vote. Realms is a consensus and reputation system. You can find out more information here: Realms

  • Make our Notion pages public so that community members and other trusted parties can easily find all the information with regards to the CEC.

  • Assist Risk Labs in achieving their goals and acting as a liaison between the DAO and the Across team.

Specific Goals and Timeline

Goal Timeline Committee Members
Provide assistance to new relayers and developers as they onboard/work to integrate with Across Ongoing MyDefi
Organize a competition for content creators ( with Publish0x) - PVM to write the proposal draft Q3 PVM
Implement Wonderverse gamified onboarding Q2 Mide, Britt
Discord Management Ongoing All
Add Realms Discord Bot Q2/Q3 Infinity, PVM
Create video content for social media Q2 Mide
Publish CEC Notion pages Q2 Mide, MyDefi
Add Across DAO Handbook to Welcome section on Forum Q2 Request to RL
Train Ross AI chatbot Ongoing All
CEC led community call Bi-monthly All
Setup an Across Intern account Q2 Mide

Specification & Implementation:

Upon approval, the CEC’s budget will be transferred from the DAO to the committee’s Ethereum safe. The committee will self-manage compensation and the events budget. Additionally, a performance bonus of $10,000 USD worth of ACX tokens will be transferred to cover the Q1 2024 performance bonus, as outlined in the Across DAO governance operating manual.


To mitigate the risks associated with volatile token prices, the CEC recommends utilizing a 90-day average derived from Coingecko’s closing prices to determine the budget’s rate. This average will be calculated on the date the snapshot vote is posted, ensuring fair compensation for the committee members.

The compensation structure has been modified from the previous quarter. The events manager role will be part of Infinity’s duties as a member of the CEC. If the TheRealTuna moves to the nascent Across Treasury Committee then there will be 4 members which will share the compensation equally.

Unspent Budget from last quarter:

The CEC has an unspent budget from previous quarters of 11,240.876. This includes what we still need to pay for Wonderverse. We also custody 83,500 ACX that was used for an integration campaign. The integration campaign has not received much interest and we propose we return the funds to the DAO.

The monthly budget breakdown is as follows:

Nb/ Events manager role is now incorporated into the CEC.
Miscellaneous has been taken out as we now have a reserve fund from our unspent budget.

  • Front Desk Operative: $350
  • Wonderverse: $87
  • Notion: $43
  • Prizes/Giveaways: $750 per month
  • Discord Nitro: $30
  • Video Editing: $300
  • Twitter Blue (for Intern account): $8/month

Monthly Total: $1568

Quarterly Total: $4704

Half Year Total: $9,408


The CEC has demonstrated its effectiveness in driving community growth and engagement through its diverse set of initiatives and activities. By renewing the committee, the Across DAO can continue to leverage the collective expertise and dedication of its members, fostering a vibrant and active community that supports the protocol’s ambitious goals.

The CEC’s focus on transparency, community input, and clear moderation policies mitigates potential risks associated with centralized decision-making or abuse of power. Additionally, the measurable goals and regular reporting ensure accountability and allow the DAO to assess the committee’s performance at the end of the quarter.

Potential Downsides and Mitigation Strategies:

  • Cost: Funding and compensating a dedicated committee diverts resources away from other protocol needs. Mitigation: Careful evaluation of the budget and scope to ensure alignment with the DAO’s priorities.

  • Centralization of power: If not managed well, the committee could take decision-making power away from the community. Mitigation: Maintaining transparency and actively seeking community input.

  • Incentive misalignment: Paid roles may attract members primarily motivated by compensation rather than protocol progress. Mitigation: Thorough vetting of ideal candidates with a genuine commitment to the DAO’s mission.

  • Moderation abuse: Moderation powers could be misused to censor certain views or promote biased agendas. Mitigation: Establishing clear moderation policies and providing avenues for addressing concerns.

By acknowledging and proactively mitigating these potential risks, the CEC aims to continue to foster a vibrant and inclusive community while advancing the Across DAO’s objectives.
A Yes vote will mean that the proposal will move to Snapshot

  • Move proposal to a Snapshot vote?
  • Yes
  • Abstain
  • No
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A top bunch of achievements for Q1, a brand new set of goals and targets for the next season, and a plethora of new ideas for the long term!


Joined few months ago and I was impressed on how the CEC members are working in Across best interests. Praises to Infinity for being friendly and helpful :pray:


Amazing achievement from Across Team. Been around some project socials and have never seen such friendly, responsive and engaging people who are working hard to make Across community a place to be.


keep up the good work glad to participate in weekly events. cheers to the team… looking forward for more events…


Question looking at the proposal. Am I right in seeing that the compensation for the committee for 6 months is 20k, and then there is a quarterly bonus of 10k? Is this also additional compensation?

Yep it is, as in the Across Governance Operating Manual

Here’s the relevant section:
"All committees are compensated by the Across DAO Treasury in the same way. Upon approval, a committee will receive a base level of rewards in the amount of $10k equivalent in $ACX. This amount is meant to last for a 3-month period. It is up to each committee to determine the distribution of these tokens, the details of which must be included in the snapshot vote. This should include wallet addresses and amounts for each committee member.

At the end of each quarter of service, a committee will be given an additional $10k equivalent in $ACX, except in the case of a committee being removed from service by tokenholders during that quarter, in which case there will be no additional rewards. "

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