AcrossAlert Proposal: Amplifying Across's Excellence on Twitter


I propose the allocation of 5,000 USDC from the Across DAO Community Fund to support the development and maintenance of AcrossAlerts, a real-time Twitter bot project. The project aims to provide timely notifications of whale activity on the bridge. This initiative aims to improve brand awareness through regular tweets and brand equity by showcasing that whales trust Across. In addition, this bot aims to showcase the attractiveness of bridging with Across, as tweets are structured to compare fees and speeds against major competitors.


Provide Across community members with up-to-date information on critical bridge transactions. Increase brand awareness, and improve trust of Across Protocol to attract more users and developers. Foster protocol development and ecosystem expansion by delivering added value to the community, particularly through comparisons based on fees and speeds between bridges for specific transactions.

Specification & Implementation


To offer real-time notifications for “whale” bridge transfers (over $300k) within the Across ecosystem, enhancing brand sentiment and providing value to the community.


  1. Utilizes Node.js to monitor substantial transactions occurring on the Across protocol.
  2. Publishes notifications about these transactions on Twitter.
  3. Regular maintenance and updates to ensure stable operation.

Development Milestones

Completed (Q4 2023 to Q1 2024)

  • Real-time tweeting of huge bridge transactions.
  • Adaptation to Across v3 for feature compatibility.
  • Comparative analysis between Across’s bridge and Stargate’s offerings.

Planned (2024)

Q2 Objectives

  • Deployment of an automated tool for summarizing monthly whale transactions.
  • Alert system for substantial $ACX token acquisitions.

Q3 Objectives

  • Broadening comparative analysis to encompass additional bridge services.
  • Notification system for the dissemination of information regarding Across proposals.

Financial Overview

The total funding request of 5,000 USDC is budgeted with detailed allocations to ensure the project’s smooth operation and development over the next two years. The breakdown is as follows:

Operating Costs:

Monthly Expenses:Ongoing server maintenance and RPC calls are estimated at $70 monthly ($50 for server upkeep + $20 for RPC calls).

Two-Year Projection:The combined monthly operating costs for the upcoming two years, including the past six months, amount to 1,500 USDC.

Development Contributions

Past Development:The development of the currently operational bot’s code has incurred costs of 1,000 USDC.

Future Development: An allocation of 1,500 USDC is set aside for the creation of new features and enhancements.

AI API and Ongoing Expenses

AI API Costs: The anticipated expenditure for AI API usage and related ongoing costs is projected at 500 USDC.

Community Engagement and Contingency:

Discretionary and Community Fund:The balance of 500 USDC will serve as a flexible fund to cover unexpected costs or to capitalize on new opportunities to engage with the community.

Detailed Allocation of 5,000 USDC:

  • Past Six Months + Two-Year Server and RPC Costs:1,500 USDC
  • Past Development Contributions: 1,000 USDC
  • Future Development Work: 1,500 USDC
  • Estimated AI API and Ongoing Expenses: 500 USDC
  • Discretionary and Community Engagement Fund: 500 USDC

Total: 5,000 USDC

This structured financial plan ensures that each segment of the project is well-funded, with a clear and organized outline of costs, promoting transparency and accountability.

Expected Outcomes

Community Empowerment: Real-time updates will enable community members to make well-informed decisions, fostering a more active and engaged user base.

Brand Amplification: Increased visibility of Across DAO will lead to a broader user and investor base.

Ecosystem Growth: AcrossAlert will serve as a catalyst for the growth and evolution of the Across DAO protocol by providing valuable transaction insights and encouraging community interaction.


I pledge to invest the utmost dedication to the development and maintenance of AcrossAlert, maintaining transparent and regular communication with the community regarding project progress and operations.

I humbly seek the Across DAO community’s endorsement for this initiative. Your support is pivotal to the project’s success. For any inquiries or feedback, please feel free to reach out


Totally agree. From the beginning it seemed like a great ideal that I always supported, and I liked the result and what you have achieved.
The work and time dedicated to making this possible undoubtedly deserves to be remunerated and also everything that comes ahead.


I thought this was a good idea and supported this since day one! Lets ensure the Alert Bot will do this amazing job perpetually and constantly highlight how good Across is :clap: :clap:


I think this is a very worthwhile project that adds value to the protocol, especially as it can be used on social platforms to get more eyes on Across .

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I think this is a great proposal! Can’t wait to see Across Alerts fleshed out to include more bridge comparisons, etc. Very exciting


Fully support this. Appreciate it the structure of this proposal and transparent budgeting. The alerts page adds so much value to the Across ecosystem.