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Proposal Overview

After numerous requests from dApps building on Polygon zkEVM, we’d like to propose for the DAO the addition of an Across bridging route to Polygon zkEVM.

Polygon zkEVM is a new zk-rollup that provides Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) equivalence (opcode-level compatibility) for a transparent user experience and existing Ethereum ecosystem and tooling compatibility. Additionally, speed of fraud proofs allows for near instant native bridging of funds (rather than waiting seven days).

Polygon zkEVM mainnet beta launched in March of 2023 as a zk-rollup years before many people thought possible. With new technology also comes the ethical imperative to build it right. In the time since, the focus by core developers at Polygon Labs and the broader community has been testing, making the protocol more reliable, and building robust infrastructure for developers and users. In short, the focus has not been on liquidity—but that’s changing. Q2 of 2024, the pivot will be on growing liquidity.

As of 3/7/24, there has been $173m net bridged to Polygon zkEVM, showing user interest in deploying on the new chain as it begins to prioritize dApp growth. Additionally, the fast finality of zero-knowledge based chains both on-and-off the native bridge means that solvers utilizing Across’ infrastructure should bear lower duration risk, theoretically leading to tighter spreads for the end user.

We propose the following tokens and routes to be enabled at deployment time:


Route: Supported Chains <> Polygon zkEVM

Project Background

Polygon Labs is a leading contributor to Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. It is rapidly building a suite of protocols and tools that will offer developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions:

  • L2 solutions/rollups (Polygon zkEVM, Polygon Miden)
  • Chain Development Kit (CDK) as a rollup development framework
  • Sidechains (Polygon PoS)

The Polygon PoS network is among the most adopted scaling efforts in the Ethereum ecosystem, with 3,000+ applications deployed, 1B+ transactions processed, 100M+ unique user addresses and ~$5B+ in assets securing the network. The PoS network already has Across integration, and an Across integration with zkEVM is an important next step to further unite these two public chains together with seamless bridging UX.


Across would be offering several benefits to the Polygon ecosystem:

  1. Across’s fast and cheap bridging will offer a smoother experience for users to access Polygon zkEVM
  2. Polygon PoS is currently integrated with Across already, and being able to use Across to directly permit bridging between the Polygon PoS and Polygon zkEVM chains would make for a better UX for users going between these two chains
  3. Intent-based trading enabled by Across would offer users better execution on x-chain swaps.

An integration with Polygon zkEVM would also bring benefits to Across:

  1. Marketing support
  2. Access to users from the broader Polygon ecosystem
  3. Organic bridging demand for users going between Polygon PoS and Polygon zkEVM


If approved, the Across team will lead the technical implementation outlined in this proposal. The adapter will have a completed audit by OpenZeppelin prior to deployment.

The Polygon Labs engineering team will make a dedicated engineering resource available to support and collaborate with the Across team on engineering, technical discussions, and reviews.

New Chain Requirements

Criteria Description Details
EVM Chain & Bridges EVM chain with a canonical token and message bridge to mainnet. 30D MA TVL of chain > $75M :white_check_mark:30D MA TVL: ~$140M
RPC Node Providers ≥ 2 independent RPC node providers :white_check_mark: 13 RPC providers, a list can be found here
Support Channel Dedicated support channel with technical members and priority support for contract development and debug :white_check_mark: The core Polygon Labs team has open communication channels directly with the Across core team.
Bridging Volume 30D MA bridging volume to/from chains on all bridges for tokens and chains that Across supports > $2M :yellow_square: 30D MA net bridging volume on native bridge > $60K
Unique Bridging Addresses 30D MA unique bridging addresses (by recipient address) to/from chain on all bridges for tokens and chains that Across supports > 1000 :yellow_square: 30D MA unique bridging addresses on native bridge > 100/day
Token Grant for Across DAO Bonus: Token grant for Across DAO to distribute to users for transfers to new chain :white_check_mark: 50,000 MATIC


Polygon home page:

Polygon zkEVM security and audit resources: Disclosures - Polygon Knowledge Layer

Polygon zkEVM block explorer and chain activity statistics: Polygon zkEVM Charts and Statistics | Polygon zkEVM

List of DeFi applications building on Polygon zkEVM:

Next steps

The proposal will be in Request for Comment (RFC) phase for at least 7 days. After receiving feedback and if the community agrees, a governance vote (on snapshot) will commence to assess the DAO’s desire to deploy on Polygon zkEVM. If the vote passes, the core team[s] will collaborate to deploy on the target chain. There will be transparent communication throughout this process!


Eight chains are better than seven so lets go! I like the defi on Polygon so let’s add it and open a new world for Across rangers :blue_heart:


Posted in the initial proposal in the ideas section, but appreciated the replies so copying here! Looking forward to Across supporting Polygon zkEVM!

A couple of questions and suggestions overall-

You mentioned Q4 2024 the pivot being focused on growing liquidity. What does this focus look like for you? I am confident long term, but hoping to see some near term momentum when looking at the 30 day MA bridging volume and users. Are there any marketing/events/etc. that the Across DAO can help with? I would be interested in mutually beneficial events for cross marketing and as more key DAPPs come up.

I saw you proposed MATIC being enabled for bridging. What % of volume that has been bridged to date is MATIC? I would assume it is low so trying to evaluate cost to maintain that vs value it provides. Personally not sure the juice is worth the squeeze there, but don’t know any of the data.

What marketing support for Across do you have planned? In an effort to see more exposure for across and volume/unique addresses bridging to zkEVM, Once enabled would love to see some co-marketing events and campaigns.

Excited for this!

Replies from @jackmelnick

Great Questions -

  1. Focus looks like large rollout of third party ecosystem funds, and marketing around on the public grant program that’s already live, but hasn’t been pushed to date. Additionally, we have a large number of builders (native and cross-chain) that are in the process of deploying/are deployed, but have yet to do their pushes until we begin the mainnet campaign. Finally, there will be a large push on user acquisition through lower transaction fees, better RPC / UX through client upgrade, and a number of marketing / questing campaigns going live! There will be plenty of opportunities for Across to get integrated into new dApp deployments, and would love to work with the Across team/the DAO to make that happen.
  2. On Bridging Assets, I think in order of priority it would be: USDC, ETH, USDT, WBTC, DAI, MATIC. DAI will become a bigger priority when Spark reopens cross-chain deployments, but for now focusing on the clear base currencies for DeFi. If it made sense to push forward on the proposal with some of the bridgable assets removed, totally open to that feedback.
  3. We will absolutely do co-marketing with Across as part of the zkEVM push, and are happy to include them in planned quests.

Thank you for the proposal.

Have we got any feedback from our Solver community? Another chain is more business for them but they need to be able to satisfy it!

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TLDR, I should just say “let’s go we need more chains” but the comment box is demanding for at least 100 characters.