Adding Support for Zora Network on Across Bridge

Zora Network

Title: Adding Zora Network to the Across Bridge
Author(s): 0xCaesarSeverus
Status: Proposal
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Submission Date: 26 September 2023


The Across bridge is a protocol that derives value from users selecting it to transport their assets across chains in the Ethereum Ecosystem. Zora is a growing network for media applications.

Zora is a Media Network with tons of NFTs & videos. Farcaster has already begun adding the Zora network NFT & Video mints into the app. Lens (Version 2) intends to do the same. This expanding media-focused Optimistic Roll Up is averaging 0.7 transactions per second with a Total Value Locked of 6 million. The network is nearing 350,000 users & almost 4,000 Ether bridged.

100% of the network is Ether. All media is priced in Ether. All transactions are paid in Ether. The network requires Ether for every transaction. However, there is no 3rd party bridge that provides a route to Zora.

NFTs have always been a part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem that is very well associated with our natural animal spirits. There is always that very realistic possibility that bridging volume explodes and Across should position itself to offer capital efficiency to as many users as possible.

Specification & Implementation:
The addition of Zora, as a bridging option for Ether, will likely be an easy implementation because it is apart of the OP Stack. I am non technical so I hope this will suffice.

The addition of Zora could potentially see an increase in Bridging Volumes, offering payment to our Ether Liquidity Providers.

Downside (Cons):
There is a potential that there is no increase in demand for this chain, or even a drop in demand to this chain, making this motion wasteful & futile.

Yes would result in the Across Engineers adding Zora Chain to the bridge & a no vote would result in nothing.

  • Yes
  • No
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Across should definitely be looking into new ecosystems to expand to, but Zora chain doesn’t seem to be very competitive against Starknet, Linea or some of the zkEVMs in terms of TVL.

Each chain requires a minimum amount of Engineering and Operations focus for ensuring bridge security, liquidity management and marketing. I’m not seeing a $6M TVL as being worth the effort at this time.

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