Across Financial Dashboards and Fundamental Spreadsheets - Grant needed


Title: Across Financial Dashboards and Fundamental Spreadsheets - Grant needed

Author(s): Tumilet - Community contributor

Status: Proposal

Related Discussions: This proposal comes after receiving good feedback from the community on this google sheet: Bridge Token Dashboard 🌉 - Google Sheets

Submission Date: 1/17/2023


I have been providing insights about the state of Across in terms of fundamental analysis and comparables market share analysis since the TGE date. I have been able to do this using the Artemis google-sheet plugin (link: The free trial period will end in 8 days. I find it to be very useful and valuable for my research, however, I am currently unable to afford the $100 monthly cost or $1000 annual cost. (This is an edit) I have just talked with the Artemis team and they have given me a 50% coupon because they loved the dashboard. Now I think it´s worth to go with the annual plan of $500.

I´m basically requesting a grant to cover the expenses of the plugin. I honestly don´t gain anything by doing this and I think the amount it´s reasonable.

What problems will this proposal address/solve? What’s the value-add?

By the feedback I have been receiving in the Across Discord and via twitter I believe this type of insights and spreadsheets provide great value to the Across community. I have been doing this for free since the start because I like doing it and I learn a lot, but I need to cover the expense of the plugin to be able and to keep being motivated to continue doing it.

The insights and spreadsheets basically aggregate information that it´s complex and in different places and try to explain and look at correlation that may be interesting for the community.

How much are you requesting?

$500 USD (Paid in $ACX) for the annual price plan of the Artemis plugin.

Please vote on this proposal as a way to enact this streamlined governance process with a 3 day forum poll. Majority vote should carry the proposal.

Voting “Yes” supports the proposal to have Across fund the Artemis google sheet plugin for me, which would result in the Across DAO Treasury sending $500 equivalent in ACX to 0x3d91d8b81efbf249382152bab1baed475ceccef8.

Voting “No” is not supporting this proposal and don’t agree with this as a solution and a value-add to the Across community.

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This proposal is now formatted correctly and is able to move to Snapshot when ready.

Hi @tumilet.eth just adding a couple of brief admin notes here for you:

  • A forum vote is definitely helpful in gathering sentiment, but not strictly necessary. Our formal voting takes place only on snapshot.
  • At this stage you should set the status of the proposal to “proposal” since voting happens on snapshot. It is also good practice to start with the RFC stage in here rather than on discord, so that everyone has the same context to consider. This stage is also a good opportunity to get some of these logistics sorted out before moving to the proposal stage. That way people can engage with the content and not get stuck on formatting.
  • When formatting the voting section, this is an articulation of what a Yes and No vote each result in on snapshot (The current format we use on snapshot is “yes, no, abstain”). In this case, you’ll need to choose which payment method to represent, and indicate where funds would be sent to if the proposal is successful.

A couple of notes from Britt the person:

  1. I’d like to hear a little more on why you’ve chosen to use this tool.
  2. It would be helpful for you to articulate a bit more some of the ways that this has been valuable for Across so far.
  3. I think it’s best practice to use a monthly subscription model rather than an annual one, and would encourage you to use that. Maybe ask for 2 months to start and then monthly payment thereafter for 6 months. That way you should always have 1 month of funds to make sure the service doesn’t expire, and at the end of that time frame you could propose to renew the grant.

I do support this request and will plan to informally vote “yes” here once it is properly formatted.


Hey @tumilet.eth - I generally support the proposal as well and the amount seems reasonable, but curious if you could explain more rationale and considerations for using this tool. Are there alternatives and if this is not approved what is the impact? Manual data collection, does the spreadsheet not work at all, etc.

Overall I support the general thought and sentiment behind this, but curious on that front.

Thank you for your support and for bringing up these valid points. I understand the importance of providing a clear rationale for using the Artemis google sheet plugin and I apologize if that was not clear in my initial proposal. The Artemis plugin is a powerful tool that allows me to easily gather, analyze, and present financial data for Across and for bridges in general in a way that is not possible with other tools. I have researched and evaluated alternatives, and I believe that the Artemis plugin is the best option for my research and for providing valuable insights to the community.

In terms of alternatives, I have considered manually collecting data through different APIs, but I am not proficient in that method (I´m no data wizard) and I would not be able to provide the same level of analysis and insights as I do with the Artemis plugin. Additionally, I would not have the same level of support and assistance from the Artemis team that I currently have (they are available whenever I send them a DM)

If this proposal is not approved, I would honestly feel demotivated to continue providing value to Across. I would like to remind the community that I have been doing this for free since the start and I believe that my insights and spreadsheets have been valuable for the community. I would expect the people who voted no because “they are better options available” to go and create the dashboard themselves and provide the same value to the community. If this proposal is not approved, the dashboard would basically stop working (I know of some people that keep it bookmarked on their browsers) and I would not be able to continue providing insights and analysis to the community.

  1. I have chosen to use the Artemis google sheet plugin because it allows me to easily gather and analyze financial data for Across in a way that is not possible with other tools. For example, I am able to quickly track the trading volume and market cap of $ACX compared to other similar projects in the crypto space, which gives me valuable insights on the current and potential future performance of Across. Additionally, the Artemis plugin allows me to easily create customized dashboards and reports that I can share with the community, which helps to make the data more accessible and understandable for non-experts.

  2. The insights and spreadsheets I have created using the Artemis plugin have been valuable for the Across community in several ways. For example, by aggregating complex information from different sources and providing correlation analysis, I have been able to help community members identify potential risks and opportunities in the market. Additionally, by providing detailed financial metrics and comparables, I have been able to help community members make more informed investment decisions. Furthermore, I helped many people in the community to understand better the market and the project, by answering questions and providing explanations, which helped to attract new members to the community and even to the project.

  3. I understand the suggestion to use a monthly subscription model and am willing to consider it. However given that the Artemis team have given me the 50% coupon, I think it´s better to go with the annual price plan of $500. I personally think the community has already been able to value my work.


Makes sense. Appreciate the additional detail and clarity. I am in support of this and will vote in the affirmative.

Hey @tumilet.eth
Great job putting up a proposal. I think the grant asked is justified and will be voting yes. However, @Britt’s suggestion of a grant for a shorter period is something that you might think of considering.