[RFC : Grant Request] Across Monthly Financial Reports

Name : Asymmetric Defi

Project : Across Monthly Financial Reporting

Detailed Description of Project :
Provide Monthly Reports about the State of the Across DAO. The reports would include : Overview of governance votes, Revenues, Expenses, Treasury Analysis, Market Share Analysis, Macro Trends Analysis …

How will your project benefit the Across Ecosystem?
Inform the community about what’s going on with the DAO and how it is impacted by governance votes and crypto trends & news…
These reports will be the go to for the community to get informed about the state of the DAO similar to how investors look into financial statements to get informed about their equity investments in traditional finance.
Yes many of the figures are already available in dashboards, the goal is to aggregate what already exists, query new information if not available and produce a monthly report that will be shared here on the forum with the community.

How much are you requesting for these reports ?
12k USD (Paid in ACX) for 12 Monthly Reports (1k USD per Monthly Report)

Other Information :
Here is the report I produced for Uniswap for November.
Asymmetric Defi is both Uniswap & Aave Grantee

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Without discouraging your proposal, which I find very interesting, wouldn’t it be the same to get these data from DUNE or by subscribing to Messari or Nansen and get the reports over there??


Messari & Nansen don’t do financial reports.
Some ACX Holders are not familiar with Dune Dashboards. Or are TradFi investors that allocated to crypto and don’t have the time to go looking into multiple data sources. There are also community members that would prefer all relevant data aggregated in one report.

Well, that is true Nansen and Messari does not provide individual financial reports, you are right, and Dune despite being a great tool is quite difficult to use in fact. The point here is that giving this information on a monthly basis will provide great information to users and incentivise newcomers to use the protocol, as everything is more readable.

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Reviving this proposal with previous work examples :

I know Defillama is continuously improving its metrics on treasury data and I’m pretty sure there are a ton of other tools that will be innovating in this area, what exactly would be the value add using your service?

Very much supportive of formulating and synthesizing relevant metrics as it provides necessary means of understanding performance, improving accountability, and allocating resources appropriately. That being said, this very important imo and requires contributors to first define relevant metrics and then properly launch a bid process.