Across Community Integration Campaign


Title: Community Integration Campaign
Author(s): Britt and EAsports
Status: Vote
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Submission Date: 02/08/2023



This proposal allocates $15k (in ACX) for bounties to community members who can bring value to Across by facilitating integrations between Across and the ecosystem we belong to.


Across is the most capital-efficient bridge, which we believe will help us win and gain further adoption in the long term. However, in the short term, we are experiencing a brand awareness deficit compared to our competitors in the space. By utilizing the expertise, bandwidth, and networks of the community to seek out partnerships and integrations in the L2 ecosystem, we aim to accomplish more connections, awareness, and integrations to tackle this opportunity more aggressively.

Specification & Implementation:

We are recommending a bounty program to reward community contributors who successfully establish an integration for Across. The value of the bounty will be based on both the type of integration and the amount of visibility it will bring to the protocol.

Integration types (and multipliers):

  • Technical: Across is integrated into another protocol’s UI as a bridging option for that protocol’s users. (3x)
  • Listing: Across is listed as a preferred bridging option on a resource page. (1x)
  • Marketing/social: Across partners with a protocol to put out partnership content such as a podcast, video, article, Twitter space, etc. (1.5x)
  • Campaigns: Across co-sponsors a campaign or quest that results in users trying the product and exposes other communities to Across. (2x)

For the purposes of this bounty, visibility will be defined as the number of Twitter Followers another protocol has.

Bounty Calculation:
The value of each successful bounty will be calculated by this formula:

Reward = 0.5 ACX * multiplier * Visibility

Eligible Protocols:
Any protocol that operates on Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, or zkSync is eligible, but we’d like to really see an emphasis on protocols that either tap into new demographics for awareness or that could help drive direct volume through Across. We’ll maintain a list that includes preferred partnerships that we’d like to see, as well as partnerships that are already in progress. It’s encouraged, but not required, for you to double-check with us in Discord before setting off to tackle an integration in order to avoid spamming potential partners with integration requests. We want to see folks working together rather than competing for these bounties, so please be respectful if it appears that someone is already in active discussions with a potential partner.

Anyone may submit a complete bounty for evaluation in the comment section of this proposal on Forum or in the growth forum in discord (which will be set up after passing this approval). When you do so, you’ll need to demonstrate that the integration was the consequence of your actions (documented conversations, links to proposals, etc.). Submissions will be reviewed on a community call (scheduled as needed), where anyone can object to their validity. If a consensus isn’t reached on the call, Risk Labs will be the decider.

The Treasury will distribute the ACX tokens to recipients as bounties are validated. This will continue until $15k in ACX has been reached, at which point the program will be evaluated to determine if continuing with subsequent rounds is valuable.


This is an experiment in lightweight bounty programs to see if this is a good model for mobilizing the community without too many barriers to entry. Capping the program at $15k to start is an easy way to minimize the downside of this program while also giving it a chance to succeed. The bounty calculation is a way to standardize the value of each integration according to the potential amount of exposure it will give the protocol and the amount of work required for each integration type. Having submissions be reviewed optimistically on a community call is meant to give the community the opportunity to be responsible for accepting these bounties.

Downside (Cons):

Using Twitter followers is not a perfect proxy for visibility, and it’s possible that a contributor may be over or under-compensated for their efforts. The qualification criteria are also a bit subjective, meaning it’s not a perfect system.


A “yes” vote will earmark 250,000 ACX to be used for this bounty program. It will be distributed as bounties are validated. A “no” vote will reject the use of these funds for this bounty program. You can vote on this now on snapshot.


This $15K budget is a good start and not a lot to ask. Spreading the word for Across could use the added incentives to give the community a boost.


Top proposal! You have my “Yes” and support. I see a future where Across will be not only the top preference for bridging assets but also the leading bridge across the Cryptoverse

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Yes, this sounds like a great idea. Incentivizing integration now will pay off in the long run and it makes sense to have those rewards outweigh rewards for marketing alone.


One point of clarification to the proposal. What incentives, if any, are there for the protocols that may end up integrating Across to their platform? While low cost, fast & secure bridging, as well as potential bridge referral rewards are attractive alone, are there any specific allocations or qualifying criteria that might incentivize a protocol in this proposal? Or will the bounty rewards only be applicable to the community member’s who work to integrate Across to another protocol?

Solid proposal! My primary reaction is that this has a good chance of being effective, and that would be good for Across. I also think people merely trying will have some benefit, mindshare wise.

I think it’s well thought out and leaves room for decision making where necessary, but also has a set flow for clarity of expectations. There may be edge cases we run into that need thinking through, but that’s the point of a pilot!

Excited for the initiative - Keen to see how it goes!

I’d tend towards a “Whoever gets it done first gets it” style, but I can’t articulate exactly why.

I think this is a great idea, but you said it yourself concerning Twitter.

I do think there is another way to get right in the face of thousands of crypto users. Besides the use of Lens, the new decentralized social media app, I think Across should work on a relationship with phi land.

It has already been proven that people do crazy things for NFTs, but the use of NFTs on Phi Land as rewards for actions on Across bridge will be nice for the bridge in the long run. Marketing on Lens, using the Wav3s App will encourage people to retweet (mirror) post by Across.

While twitter is much bigger than Lens, or even farcaster, the app has much less surface area for crypto users when compared to the web3 competitors. I believe that it is very easy to get a Lens and a purple checkmark for the DAO.

I know lens is still in beta but Lens, Phi Land & Wav3s can offer a huge boon to the marketing. If Wav3s agrees to integrate $ACX, you can even distribute 1 ACX token per mirror.

Good question Sabotage. I’d say that incentives for the protocol are beyond the scope of this proposal, but it’s still an important thing to consider generally. I’d probably encourage any community members pursuing these integrations to consider creating a grant request on behalf of the partner protocol if they think that there’s a mutually beneficial use case there.

For example, I saw that you posted a little bit about this on the PoolTogether forum. While they wouldn’t specifically receive rewards as a part of this bounty effort, I think it would be cool to explore ways to reward users who bridge with Across and also participate in Pool. As an ACX tokenholder, I’d support a well-thought-through grant request for ACX tokens that gets used like this.

Good call out Clayton. The idea with that sentence was really to try and discourage spamming partnership requests, and also to make sure that the community isn’t doubling up on RL efforts. I think generally we are seeking out some of the more tricky integrations, so I’m not sure how much of an issue that will be, but maybe it’s best to just say that a little more clearly.

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These are all really great ideas for integrations @caesarsherrod.eth! I think they should make it onto the list of preferred integrations. And if they do, it will be really awesome to see which ones you’re able to help us tackle. Social platforms tend to require a lot of work to upkeep, but we want to be more on the leading edge of this and it definitely requires more exploring than we’ve been able to do so far.

The reason we chose Twitter followers as the metric to measure against for calculating bounties is that it’s still the predominant platform for crypto mindshare.

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I look forward to the gradual growth of ACROSS and eventually become a well-known and even indispensable part of the L2 ecology. I have always believed in ACROSS, so all my tokens have been pledged from the first day. ACROSS still has a long way to go , but what I want to say is: “Trust the process”!

i am down to work on everything across. I’ll stick around so that I can keep it going.

Lens has apps built just to track interactions and the people who interact with you the most. Advertising on lens will be very cheap.

I wish I were a graphic designer but I cannot make the NFTs that’s be cool enough to join the Phi Land pack, but I could help with the standards for acquiring these.

This is a great proposal. I wonder if there will be a way to capture the approaches and integrations that people are pursuing either in a google doc, dework or somewhere else. We use to have a weekly ambassador call, it would be great to bring it back. If weekly is too much of an ask, maybe bi-weekly like the dev call?

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I think this would be a good starting point to get the community work going especially with the much needed growth and marketing side of things, would quests like Crew3 be considered for this campaign? @Britt @EAsports

imo yes, it should be. I think navigating those integrations is an interesting example of where this will be a learning experience because it’s not clear to me what resources will be required to get it off the ground and to maintain it. It will probably be a case-by-case basis on whether these ones work out or not. But I think it’s very much worth trying, and I’m hopeful that we’ll see some good traction here.

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Not much to say here other than that I support this proposal and think it would be a good incentive to encourage more integration.

Hey honestly I think it’s a great idea quest for creew3 or layer3 could really reach a lot of people that has not reached.

My question is, is this closed to protocols only? or can apps also enter, say apps with access to and interactions in WEB3?

Yes. I have done all works on across. I’ll stick around. I wish the project to be better. So that I can keep it going.

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