Community Integration Campaign 2.0


This proposal allocates 150,000 ACX as bounties, to community members who can bring value to Across by facilitating integrations between Across and crypto projects that share a similar vision.


Across is the most capital-efficient bridge, which we believe will help us win and gain further adoption in the long term. However, in the short term, we are experiencing a brand awareness deficit compared to our competitors in the space.

By utilizing the expertise, bandwidth, and networks of the community to seek out partnerships and integrations in the L2 ecosystem, we aim to accomplish more connections, awareness, and integrations to tackle this opportunity more aggressively.

Specification & Implementation:

We are recommending a bounty program to reward community contributors who successfully establish an integration for Across. The value of the bounty will be based on both the type of integration and the amount of visibility it will bring to the protocol.

Based on the feedback from the previous Community Integration Campaign, the Visibility defined by the raw number of Twitter followers did not reflect a clear benefit for Across.

Integration types (and multipliers):

Technical: Across is integrated into another protocol’s UI as a bridging option for that protocol’s users. (2x)

Listing: Across is listed as a preferred bridging option on a resource page. (1x)

Media Impact (and multipliers):

For the purposes of this bounty, Media Impact will still be defined by the number of Twitter Followers another protocol has. The difference from the previous campaign is that the visibility will give a second multiplier.

Up to 99k followers: 1x

More than 100k followers: 1.5x

ACX Loyalty: ACX Holder role on Discord receives 1.1 multiplier on top of Integration Type and Visibility

Bounty Calculation:

The value of each successful bounty will be calculated by this formula:

Reward = 10,000 ACX * Integration multiplier * Media Impact multiplier * ACX Loyalty

The new budget can cover more integrations, from 4 top ranked integrations to 15 standard integrations

Min. bounty 10,000 x 1 x 1 x 1 = 10,000 ACX

Max. bounty 10,000 x 2 x 1.5 x 1.1 = 33,000 ACX

Eligible Protocols:

Any protocol that operates on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, zkSync, or Base is eligible, but we’d like to really see an emphasis on protocols that either tap into new demographics for awareness or that could help drive direct volume through Across.

We’ll maintain a list that includes preferred partnerships that we’d like to see, as well as partnerships that are already in progress.

It’s encouraged, but not mandatory, for the community member to double-check with the Across team in Discord before setting off to tackle an integration, in order to avoid spamming potential partners with integration requests.

We want to see the community working together rather than competing for these bounties, so please be respectful if it appears that someone is already in active discussions with a potential partner.


Anyone may submit a completed bounty for evaluation in the Discord governance chat. The claim must demonstrate that the integration was the consequence of your actions (documented conversations, links to proposals, emails, etc.).

Submissions will be reviewed on a community call (scheduled as needed), where anyone can object to their validity. If a consensus isn’t reached on the call, Risk Labs will be the decider.


The Treasury will distribute the ACX tokens to recipients as bounties are validated. This will continue until the allocated 150,000 ACX has been claimed, at which point the program will be evaluated to determine if continuing with subsequent rounds is valuable. If the funds have not been awarded by 05/01/2024, they will be returned to the DAO by the committee.


The initial bounty program was created to mobilize the community without too many barriers to entry. Capping the program at 150,000 ACX was the method used to minimize the downside of this program, while also giving it a chance to succeed.

The follow-up integration campaign was modified based on the community feedback, and a new bounty calculation formula was proposed.

The bounty calculation is a way to standardize the value of each integration, according to the potential amount of exposure it will give the protocol and the amount of work required for each integration type. The review of submissions on a community call will give the community the opportunity to discuss, show approval or dispute the claim.

Downside (Cons):

Using Twitter followers was not the perfect proxy for visibility, and a multiplier added for the updated proposal may still over or under-compensate. The qualification criteria are also subjective, as a perfect reward system cannot be created.

This poll is a temperature check and once we receive feedback from the community we will move to an official snapshot vote.

The “Yes” vote will earmark 150,000 ACX to be used for the bounty program, which will be distributed as bounties are validated. The “No” vote will reject the use of these funds for the bounty program.
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain
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Sounds good to me. One small point is whether we can provide agents with a tool kit to assist their efforts.


Me and Tuna will be around to help, and for UI integrations we will need the devs to get involved at one point. The role of the community is to liease and lead to the integration

I agree - I think if we can provide some sort of initial guidance for anyone who requests it, or an example case study, that would be a good start to any person/group looking to participate.

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Seems the right thing to do. I support this.

Oh, it seems that we need to write 100 characters now, was this before? He he.

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Yes! The character requirement was always there. Maybe the previous times you wrote more and you didn’t noticed