Community Essentials Committee Description

After several community-led calls on the subject, we’ve narrowed down our focus to one community essentials committee that looks something like the image below.


The items in the green circle should be seen as the broad areas of focus for this committee. Some of these are already partially defined and simply need people to take regular responsibility for them. Other areas need to be developed before they can be implemented. The overarching goal of this committee will be to help implement systems to accomplish this scope. The items to the right of the image are considered out of scope for this committee. These items have been excluded because they’re either currently handled by Risk Labs or because they belong in a committee where each member needs to hold the same set of qualifications/skills that relate to the specific skill set (e.g. dev support needs to have technical skills).


The first row of figures below the green circle are the roles that this committee needs. The committee will be ideally composed of 5 people. They will work as a team to deliver the goals of the DAO. Unlike specialized skill-based committees, this committee will be composed of people with specific strengths listed below. As a group they should have the following qualities:

  • Proposer: Ability to write proposals clearly and suggest ideas. Initially will be tasked to be the principal writer for the committee proposal.

  • Reviewer: Ability to provide an objective, detailed evaluation of the work being done. They will review proposals and other written documents. Must be familiar with governance and committee rules.

  • Coordinator: Ability to project manage and are responsible for keeping the DAO ontrack in meeting its goals. They will ensure tasks/events are scheduled and delivered on time. For example, making sure mods are paid on time.

  • Executor: Ability to carry out tasks efficiently and effectively. They carry out execution tasks. For example, oSnap signing, forum posts e.t.c.

  • Communicator: Ability to convey information clearly and listen actively. Communicate with the DAO. Act as spokesperson, moderate calls.

While the Committee will oversee DAO operations they may select leads from the community for different work streams. This includes but not limited to:

  • Mods Lead: Responsible for coordinating mods in Discord. Provide reports to the committee on activity in the community. Suggest improvements for handling moderation.

  • Project Leads: The DAO may come up with project ideas that require someone to manage it.

  • Events Lead: This person will be responsible for successfully managing events.

  • Initiative leads: Manage DAO initiatives such as community marketing.

It will be up to this committee to determine what kind of support the DAO needs in these areas, and if leads are necessary.

If you are interested in applying for one of the positions in this Community Essentials Committee, you can apply HERE.


Was a very educational process and was great to work along others to meet the common goal.
Happy to see the Across community creating such top synergy.

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