Across Integration with Safe, Formally Gnosis

Good Day from an Across Committee Member hopeful,

The Safe App holds a great deal of wealth in Cryptocurrency Realms and there are only a few bridges are integrated into the App. Across can increase bridge traffic and increase awareness of the product by integrating into the Safe Ecosystem.

### Launching the Safe App

  1. Use a Safe SDK to complete the integration; Ensure the integration meets minimum requirements listed by Safe
  2. Testing can begin with a private testing link for members of the committee or DAO to use the app built within.
  3. App must have ‘seamless Auto connect’ to the Safe App
  4. App must be reviewed by the Safe Team
  5. Transactions must be human readable and we must help the team better decode them for users (Verifying Contracts through Sourcify is the ideal way of doing this.)

I think this is a great idea for the bridge and it is the type of marketing that would speak for itself. I am looking for community feedback as I finalize the official proposal in hopes that I am not skipping over something a Builder would see.

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