Across Safe, Formally Gnosis Safe Integration Proposal


Title: Across Safe, Formally Gnosis Safe Integration Proposal

Authors: 0xCaesarSeverus, Justin J

Status: Proposal

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Summary: The Across Bridge shall be integrated into the Safe App to increase the awareness and the use of the app.

Introduction to Safe, formally Gnosis: Safe, formally Gnosis Safe, is a battle tested smart contract wallet holding 35 billion dollars in value among most EVM chains.

Safe holds a great deal of value in the cryptocurrency space with 4 million transactions and 1.5 million safe accounts deployed.


Across is looking to get it’s name out as the most capital efficient bridge in all of decentralized finance and the Across Integration into the Safe App would increase awareness among large holders. The exposure to these assets would benefit Across in the long run.

The integration with Safe could also pose as a way to see an increase of liquidity, considering most of the assets in safe are held on Ethereum, where Across’s Liquidity is. Liquidity begets liquidity and attracts more users.

Integration with Safe Apps will allow well capitalized DAOs to provide liquidity from the safety of the Safe Interface.

Specification & Implementation

  1. Use a Safe SDK to complete the integration (Ensure the integration meets minimum requirements listed by Safe)
  2. Testing can begin with a private testing link for members of the committee or DAO to use the app built within.
  3. Integration must have ‘seamless Auto connect’ to the Safe App
  4. Integration must be reviewed by the Safe Team
  5. Transactions must be human readable and we must help the team better decode them for users (Verifying Contracts through Sourcify is the ideal way of doing this).

Downsides (Con):

The potential downside is the time wasted time of across engineers and the integration never pays off in an increase in liquidity and bridge traffic.


Yes - Across Community begin building the integration

No - Across Community do not build the integration

  • Yes
  • No

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