Across Community Essentials Committee December 2023 Report

Committee members: Mide, mydefi, neondaemon, PVM, TheRealTuna
Event manager: Infinity
Front Desk: Smarty


This report details the CEC activity from December 1st to 29th, 2023 covering governance, moderation, events, documentation, and other focus areas.

Activity Summary

The CEC moved several initiatives forward including the CEC renewal proposal and organizing holiday campaigns while handling daily community management.


  • All members moderated channels
  • smarty focused on Chinese, Spanish, Filipino Discords
  • Infinity monitored events for bad actors

Onboarding & Documentation

  • Mide researched Notion for after attending implementation meeting
  • Neondaemon drafted CEC Renewal Proposal and received feedback from other members

Forum and Snapshot Engagement

Committee Member Detailed Activity Summary


  • Helped draft renewal proposal
  • Attended CEC and community meetings
  • Moderated Discord
  • Amplified across tweets


  • Commented on renewal forum post
  • Attended CEC and community meetings
  • Moderated discussions
  • Provided limited assistance to users having difficulties with relays


  • Drafted renewal proposal
  • Attended CEC and community meetings
  • Engaged daily on Discord/Twitter



  • Helped draft renewal proposal
  • Managed Safe transactions
  • Attended CEC and community meetings
  • Attended Across treasury committee formation meeting


  • Attended 4 meetings
  • Moderated Discord and Spanish channel
  • Active on Twitter
  • Recording the CEC and CC for processing them later.
  • Organized Discord events with 13-25 participants
    • Events:
    • Gartic 3
    • WordSearch 2
    • Crossword 1
    • Wheel 3
    • Poker 2
    • Airdrops and random tips 6
    • Fast Game 1
    • Champions league 2
  • Highlights:


  • Moderated Chinese, Spanish, Filipino channels
  • Amplified tweets
  • Attended CEC and community meetings
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