Across Community Essentials Committee November 2023 Report

Committee members: Mide, mydefi, neondaemon, PVM, TheRealTuna
Event manager: Infinity
Front Desk: Smarty


The Community Essentials Committee (CEC) continued operations in November, supporting governance, creating content, managing transactions, promoting Across, and engaging with the community. Key focuses this month included preparing the Treasury Committee proposal, planning the ACX anniversary event, advancing moderation efforts, and progressing onboarding initiatives.

Activity Summary

  • Hosted a very successful ACX 1st year anniversary party with games, giveaways and over 60 participants at its peak.
  • Raised 591 USD for Save the Children which was matched 1:1 by the Giving Block (The Giving Block) so in total the amount was $1182!

Check the twitter post:

  • Created Across HR Handbook first draft

  • Onboarding project is in progress

  • Supported ATC formation including proposal write up and discussions

  • Active voting and discussion on the Across forum and Snapshot

  • Shared informative articles and content pieces on Across

  • Boosted involvement through quizzes, contests and reward distributions

  • Strengthened moderation through bot removal and scam mitigation. Over 30 fake accounts are addressed daily

  • Expanded multilingual moderation to Korean, Spanish, Chinese and Russian

  • Attended CEC, community and working group meetings

  • Promoted committee updates and Across announcements on social media


  • Received monthly budget from treasury

  • Funded events, giveaways, Nitro boost

  • Enabled ACX tipping on Optimism


  • Increased scam activity required diligent moderation from all members.

  • One incident of $20k loss from Matic scam.

  • International moderators assisted with non-English conversations.

Onboarding / Documentation

  • Created initial Across HR Handbook draft.

  • Progressed onboarding project and server implementation.

Forum/Snapshot Engagement

  • Active posting, voting and discussion on proposals.

  • Supported "Community Integration Campaign 2.0” proposal.

Committee Member Detailed Activity Summary


  • Attended all CEC & Community Meetings

  • Helped coordinate meeting action items & agendas

  • Drafted tweet for Across Twitter page

  • Active on Discord & Twitter

  • Voted on snap shot

  • Posted safety alerts & snapshot reminders

  • Assisted with server onboarding effort

  • Updated CEC Notion page


  • Participated in CEC, Community & party meetings

  • Assisted relayers in Discord channels

  • Completed multisig transactions

  • Active on Twitter re: ACX posts

  • Joined Red Wars event


  • Attended CEC & Community Meetings

  • Created draft of Across HR Handbook and process feedback

  • Helped upload ATC formation proposal to Forum

  • Discussed ATC proposal with members

  • Voted on Snapshot updates, Forum posts

  • Active on Discord & Twitter

  • Posted emergency Velodrome DNS breach announcement



  • Participated in CEC & Community Meetings

  • Twitter & Discord activity

  • Managed safe transfers & budget items

  • Posted “Community Integration Campaign 2.0”

  • Reviewed draft of HR Handbook


  • Attended CEC & Community Meetings

  • Recorded & processed meeting notes

  • Ran ACX 28th anniversary party

  • Hosted diverse event series (13 events, 60+ participants)

  • Active moderation & Twitter engagement


  • Attended all CEC & Community Meetings

  • Led Discord moderation efforts

  • International community moderation, Amanda took care of Korean and Spanish,

  • Infinity handled Spanishl, Smarty covered Chinese, Korean, and Russian, and Zeck contributed as well

  • Active on Twitter

  • Recorded community and CEC meetings

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And raises $1182 for Save the Children :heart: Great achievement for our community :clap: Well done and thank you to everyone that participated